The Kite Runners is a Russian indie-rock band formed in 2008 by Ivan Tropnikov and Eugene Anokhin.

Origin: Syktyvkar, Russia.

Band members:
Ivan Tropnikov – lead vocals, leading guitar, keyboards (studio only) (2008–present)
Eugene Anokhin – bass, backing vocals, keyboards (studio only) (2008–present)
Dmitry Lebedev – drums (2008–present)
Alexander Permyakov – keyboards (2013 – present)
Alla Izverskaya – vocal producer (2015 – present)

Former members:
Eugene Razumny – guitar (2008–2012)
Alexandre Agranovich – guitar (2012–2013)

The musicians of this band had been playing in different genres like progressive rock and hard rock before they joined The Kite Runners. The various backgrounds and experience they had gained help a lot in working on the songs and creating diverse original compositions.
The band has taken part in different festivals and projects: Belomor- boogie, Rock-Line, Rock-festival Sosnogorsk, Nord music show, Ybica.